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We offer a full roster of Project Management services for construction, renovation and repurposing projects,
and ensure projects’ success through strict adherence to their stated objectives.

A renowned expertise

DECASULT’s multidisciplinary approach encompasses the understanding and management of a project’s complete parameters and stated objectives. Our expertise is applied at every phase of a project’s development, with a particular emphasis on the initial stage of definition of the project’s parameters. DECASULT’s involvement in the earliest stages of development ensures a better understanding of the client’s needs and expectations, and a better identification of the project’s possible pitfalls. This in fact warrants a better command of the project’s parameters, or rather, an Optimal Control of its development.  

Our team’s pluridisciplinary nature and the aggregate knowledge of its members have helped us develop and offer a wide range of related specialized services.

Project Management
is our core business.

DECASULT considers that in order to attain the desired outcome of any project, it is imperative that the project management firm behind it concentrates all its activities and resources to that end.  Our role, and the mission that stems from it, are assured through the application of deep industry knowledge and best practices. Our team remains committed to complementing its methods with the development and integration of the most innovative tools and practices, as to continue aiming for excellence in the rendition of our service mandates.

A few of our Project Management mandates


It will be our pleasure to discuss your specific project’s needs with you.
Let’s take a moment to plan its success together.