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DECASULT’s past experience and project portfolio have enabled it to develop a range of specialized services in budgetary management of construction projects, which extend from construction cost estimating to implementation of precise cost control tools and processes. 

Tailored estimating and cost controls services

DECASULT houses a complete estimating department of highly qualified and respected cost management professionals, able to advise our clients on all matters relating to construction costs, total project costs, value engineering or risk management.

More specifically, the costs database employed by our estimating department is borne not only of national and regional market statistics but augmented by real data from similar projects currently under construction.  These complementary references allow us to provide our clients with the best available information at every stage of a project, from the preconceptual and design phases to execution contract award.

Budget Management Services can be included in comprehensive Project Management mandates or provided individually, according to specific project needs.

Cost Estimating, a specialty we have made our own

DECASULT’s estimating department is recognized in the industry for the thoroughness and breadth of its analyses, and for the complexity of the projects it has been called to work on.

Whether our estimating professionals assist our project teams or deliver on specific mandates required by our clients, their combined expertise ensures a more Optimal Control of established parameters within pre-set project objectives.  

A few of our Budget Management mandates


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