• Redevelopment of the Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal
  • Redevelopment of the Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal

In 2015, the Royal Victoria Hospital, founded in 1893 on the southern slope of the Mount-Royal, relocated its activities to the MUHC's new Glen site in Montreal.

McGill University, whose campus is contiguous to the « Royal Vic », approached the Quebec government for the opportunity to take over the hospital's former buildings and integrate them to its academic mission. Such a project would allow for the expansion of the University's owns activities and provide relief for its cramped downtown campus.

In response to a public tender, DECASULT was retained by McGill as Master Project Manager of this redevelopment project, which will stretch out over close to 10 years and will prepare the next expansion of the 200-year-old university.

DECASULT's mandate includes the preparation of the necessary documentation for conversion of the hospital's existing buildings to academic and research purposes, all the while ensuring preservation of the Mount-Royal's natural sanctuary.

This process will be completed in conformity with current Quebec governmental guidelines, as prescribed in the Directive sur la gestion des projets majeurs d'infrastructure publique.